The Django project is committed to being accessible to everyone in all possible ways. We work to conform to established accessibility standards, and also to meet our own targets for supporting specific input devices and assistive technologies.

Accessibility standards

We work to conform with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), version 2.2, at the AA level. WCAG is the most established standard for web accessibility. AA-level guidelines are the most common legal compliance target worldwide.

We also attempt to follow other best practices, such as:

To learn more about accessibility without diving straight into standards, we recommend The A11Y Project, a community-driven effort to make digital accessibility easier.

Accessibility support targets

Beyond standards, we want to make sure Django actually works for people using a wide range of input devices and assistive technologies. This has benefits to make sure Django works better for everyone. The best way to do this effectively is to take accessibility considerations into account as part of designing features. If in doubt, consult with users who rely on assistive technologies or with accessibility experts.

Accessibility testing baseline

Design the UI with accessibility in mind, and the testing will only be needed as a final check. For more complex interfaces, confer with other contributors to decide on testing targets. Reach out to the Accessibility team for support and to coordinate testing

Always test user interface changes with:

  • Keyboard-only navigation

  • The Accessibility Insights browser extension's automated checks feature, or an equivalent tool with the Axe checker.

Where appropriate, also test with:

  • Touch-only navigation

  • 400% browser zoom

  • Forced-colors mode (for example Windows Contrast Themes)

Assistive technologies

Where more extensive testing is appropriate, here are popular free assistive technologies we recommend testing with:

  • NVDA on Windows with Firefox ESR

  • VoiceOver on macOS with Safari

  • Orca on Linux with Firefox ESR

  • Narrator on Windows with Microsoft Edge

  • Windows Magnifier and macOS Zoom

  • Windows Speech Recognition and macOS Voice Control

  • VoiceOver on iOS, or TalkBack on Android

  • Contrast themes on Windows

Where expert help is available, also consider testing with:

Known issues and how to help

There are some parts of Django that do not meet our accessibility targets at the moment. We actively work on fixing issues, both as part of ongoing maintenance and bigger overhauls. To learn about known issues, and get involved, see: